About Ymon

Extensive experience and proven competence

Ymon’s business concept combines cutting-edge data communications expertise with proven information security competence in both our services and products. We ensure our customer’s business continuity by providing high-quality solutions.

Many of Ymon’s experts have more than 20 years of experience and insight in the industry – dating back to the birth of the Internet.

Ymon’s network and security solutions to boost your business

Our products and services cover all areas of data networks – ranging from targeted single-case troubleshooting to the architectural design of an organization-wide infrastructure. Our starting point is to ensure the continuity of our customer’s business operations and to proactively prevent any issues from emerging. To this end, we carry out in-depth studies into our customer’s business operations and main processes at the beginning of each assignment. This allows us to consistently maintain high quality standards to provide the best-fit solution.

Delivering benefits to our customers

Our customer satisfaction surveys all show that we provide our customers with a shrewdly responsive troubleshooting service, a better and more secure IT environment, significant savings in working hours, astute information security solutions and reliable backbone architecture to support their subsequent IT decisions. In other words – satisfaction guaranteed! To ensure that we retain our customers, we actively carry out these surveys in order to help us continuously develop our services to better meet their unique needs.

Ymon’s solutions are practical

Ymon provides services and solutions that address our customer’s actual needs:

Consulting and design services

  • Technical consulting – data communications, information security, troubleshooting
  • Design – architecture, data communications, information security
  • Projects – development, execution

Continuous maintenance and computer room services

  • Computer room services
  • Maintenance services
  • NOC (Network Operation Center)
  • SOC (Security Operation Center)

Products / system solutions

  • Software, equipment and systems
  • Installed and maintained
  • Turnkey service

Ymon wants to stand out from other players in the industry through reliability, quality and competence. In our services, we adopt a markedly impartial third-party role. We truly want what is best for our customers, even though this may not always yield the best profit for us in the short-term.

We are part of Viria Group. Viria is a strong expert in digital and physical security, digital services, and information management. www.viria.fi